Friday, December 17, 2010

Learning and understanding Japan culture ♪

                                                                                                     tea ceremony

                                                                                             flower arrangement

                                                                                                  shot all member

                                                                     presentation of each country culture
First of all, tea ceremony and flower arrangement were experienced today.

These were fresh after all for the foreigner.

Next, went to Tokyo Tower today.

Tokyo Tower is a symbol of Japan.

Everyone was fascinated.

Next, it went to visit Imperial Palace.

Imperial Palace is a very scared point.

The last program in Tokyo Winter Camp is present their own country culture.
Today all of us are feel so happy but we are feel so tired.

After the outing, we need to rest well because tomorrow have to go to Toyko.

We are feeling happy because we are going to Kyoto tomorrow.

See you tomorrow♪♪

Good night~:)


  1. Interesting...especially ikebana!! Have an enjoyable and safe journey to Kyoto. I look forward to hearing news from Kyoto tonite.

  2. You seem to have a good time.
    I'm ashamed but I've never arranged flower.
    So I envy you all!

    It takes long and long time to Kyoto from Tokyo.
    I hope you enjoy chatting and make your teamwork stronger.