Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tokyo memories bring foward to kyoto

                                                                                                    guessing game

                                                                             singing karaoke
                                                              going to hot spring

Today we spent 8 hours in the bus from tokyo to kyoto .

We played games and sing karaoke in the bus.It was very fun .

After visiting kyoto , we went for a bath in the hot spring at Tenzan no yu

We went to 100 degrees sauna ,it felt very uncomfortable.

It was a fresh and new experience for the members.

Tomorrow we will be visiting Nara .We are very excited.

I`m very tired , I will go to sleep now .Oyasumi ♪♪


  1. You are doing great with your daily report...keep it up!! I see many happy and cheerful faces. The hotspring must be an "out of this world" experience XD !!!

  2. The pic of hotspring is nice :D
    It's good experience for them! Nice idea :)
    It's fine today so enjoy Nara trip with Camp members, Big budda and deer(^^