Monday, December 20, 2010

Last day of gathering in kyoto!!

                                                                                                      Group photo

                                                      She was very happy after go through the hole


Today, we went to two famous temples ``Todaiji and Kinkakuji``  in Nara.

Toudaiji temple have a huge buddha statues and a small hole to go through. It was very interesting.

The next temple, Kinkakuzi have a shiny wall that covered with gold leaf. It was very beautiful.

After that, we went back to hostel. At 7pm, we wrote down our camp memories on a piece of paper.

And we got a present from the YE staffs, after we had done.

Tomorrow, we are leaving Kyoto and go to Nagoya.

Then, the YEs are going to thier host families`s house.

Today is the last night for the YE camp.

After this  camp, we had a great memories. I am very happy !!!

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  1. Three cheers for host country Japan..Hip, hip hooray!! The YEs are touched by your warm hospitality and they look forward to the same with their host families!!